Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New activity at the Borgo

Starting from August 2008 at Borgo Grondaie it will be possible to organise Nordic Walking courses and excursions for experts.
Classes can be individual or small group. It will be an opportunity to do excellent physical activity and explore the beautiful countryside of Siena.
More information will be soon on our web site. In the meantime please contact us trough our mail hotel@borgogrondaie.com

What is Nordic Walking?
Invented in Finland, Nordic Walking is a natural, safe,effective and complete physical activity suitable for all. With specially designed Nordic Walking poles, Nordic Walking is a scientifically proven activity that combines technically correct walking with features of Nordic cross-country skiing's arm and shoulder movements.. Active and controlled trunk movements together with correct body alignment and core stability are also important parts of Nordic Walking.
Nordic Walking provides
- An enhancement of regular walking
- Natural and fluid movements engaging up to 90 % of the
body muscles
- Harmonic and symmetric training for the whole body
- Effective aerobic conditioning due to activation of both large
and small muscle groups that provide rhythmic and dynamic
- Increased blood circulation and metabolism
- Continuous alternation of activation and relaxation of the
muscles involved, promoting relief in tight muscles
- Safe, healthy, bio-mechanically correct movements
- Correct body alignment and posture
- Learned skills that can be transferred to everyday life
- Physical exercise suitable for all, irrespective of age, sex or
physical condition
- A non-competitive sport.
In short: Nordic Walking provides a natural, safe and effective
way to improve one's cardiovascular stamina while
simultaneously engaging up to 90% of the body muscles. Nordic
Walking assists with other important health benefits. The learned
skills can be transferred to everyday life and can be seen, for
example, as better walking, better body control and posture.

by Gaia

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